10 Indicators That You are In A Toxic Relationship

No matter how strong the connection between you and your significant other was in the early months of the relationship, it may deteriorate into something poisonous if they begin to take you for granted or you’re in a Toxic Relationship. Additionally, it takes time for a person to open up and show their authentic self to another altogether. While you know you need to terminate things with them if being at odds and having heated fights has become a daily occurrence, such obvious indications are not always forthcoming. Often, it is the subtle signs that your relationship is heading in the wrong direction.

According to Merriam-Webster, the term “toxic” refers to anything very harsh, damaging, or hateful. Now, you certainly will not be able to describe yours as poisonous since it seems like an exaggeration. While you may be unaware of the effects of your strained relationship, this does not imply that everything is going swimmingly.

According to Mackenzie Piper, program manager at Power to Decide, there is no universal definition of a toxic relationship because each one is unique. What may be a source of contention for one marriage may be perfectly normal for another. At its heart, though, a relationship begins to deteriorate when one person starts to exert their authority and attempts to dominate their significant other, causing them to question their self-worth.

Despite this, deciding the status of your relationship may be challenging.

Given the length of time you’ve been together, it’s natural that you make choices with the input of your special one. It may not be easy to discern if they offer sound advice or attempt to impose their viewpoint on you.

Given your partner’s belief in your love, the possibility that they are becoming slightly controlling may not even occur to you. You disregard their unwillingness to resolve it as their responsibility and worry.

As such, to assist you in determining if you should confront your spouse about their conduct or not, we have compiled a list of ten uncommon symptoms of a toxic relationship. Your spouse may be unaware that their actions are causing damage to the relationship. Once you’ve discussed this with them, they may be willing to alter their behavior to restore those joyful, love-filled days.


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Candice McCoy, a psychologist, and writer caution us against dismissing our dreams. Our inner psyche is much more clever than our rational mind. Therefore, if you often have plans about your spouse, this may be your subconscious warning you that something will go wrong. You never imagined you’d pay heed to your dreams. Right? You must, after all. Psychology is much more complex than we can fathom.

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