5 What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Hot Dogs Every Day

Hot dogs are one of the most popular foods in the world whether you’re at an afternoon ball game or on the street late at night they’re the ideal snack to have when you’re on the go. But what are their effects on your body we’re constantly bombarded with info on all the gross things they’re made from let’s talk about what happens to your body. When you eat hot dogs, every day do they give you heart attacks how about increasing your blood pressure why do they say they may help your gut wait can hot dogs increase your risk of cancer. I’m confused let’s begin.

1. Increased cancer risk if you’re a hot dog lover this is bound to hurt you, see hot dogs carry something known as nitrates these are preservativefs added to help maintain their shelf life, and slow down. The growth of bacteria they also give hot dogs their bright red color the problem with nitrates is that, they’ve been linked to cancer.

This is the same with other forms of processed meat studies have shown that eating 50 grams of processed meat each day increases your risk of colorectal cancer by 18 just so you know 50 grams of processed meat is equal to about four strips of bacon or a single. Hot dog colorectal cancer is any form of cancer that affects the colonel rectum while the overall risk of colorectal cancer in most people’s lifetime is five percent processed meat can increase your chances to about six. If you’re eating a hot dog each and every day you need to keep these stats in mind.

2. Increased heart disease a daily hot dog might very well increase your chances of a heart attack this is too hard for me to bear. I mean a hot dog is just so easy to whip together dogs check buns check mustard check throw it in the microwave for 40 seconds and lunch is served or dinner or even breakfast. but this is the issue hot dogs are just so dang accessible no wonder your risk of heart disease goes up depending on the size of the hot dog you may have two or three in a sitting processed meat is extremely high in saturated fat.

One regular sized hot dog on a bun amounts to almost 30 of your daily intakes this is directly linked to heart disease if you really are eating three hot dogs as a standard lunch, you’ll be eating 90 of your suggested saturated fat. In one meal think about the amount of saturated fat you’re having in a full day if that’s the case you also have sodium to worry about hot dogs have one of the highest concentrations of sodium in any food.

That same size dog from a second ago holds well over 30 of your daily intake experts recommend no more than 2 300 milligrams of sodium per day. that’s equal to around 1 tablespoon however the average American has around 3 400 milligrams of sodium in a day too much sodium will lead to high blood pressure. Plaque will build up in your arteries making it much harder for your heart to pump blood over time. This will lead you to a heart attack or stroke if this isn’t a reason to cut back on your hot dog intake, I’m not sure what is before we continue are you trying to get in shape are you a little too tired to do the work. On healthy meals you can cook on a lazy weekend now back to our discussion on what happens to your body eating hot dogs every day.

3. So can they actually help your gut from what we’ve learned so far hot dogs sound like poison well there might be a positive effect to eating them every day. But here’s the kicker it’s not the actual hot dog that benefits your gut it’s a certain topping when was the last time you ate sauerkraut sauerkraut is chopped up raw cabbage. That has been fermented fermented foods contain live bacteria that can help your digestion with sauerkraut the probiotics assist your gut in its ability to absorb nutrients.

This allows you to process food easier as a result your trips to the bathroom will be much easier and more frequent, you’ll have less constipation a healthier gut can also lead to weight loss sauerkraut is one of the most popular toppings, for a hot dog almost every street meat stand offers it I get it sauerkraut isn’t for everyone I had to warm up to it myself. but if you’re concerned with the health of your gut have some keep in mind that healthy gut bacteria are not the only thing sauerkraut has going for it may prevent.

The risk of certain cancers as well as build strong bones a regular diet of sauerkraut will also strengthen your immune system. His is again thanks to the probiotics from the bacteria they improve the balance of bacteria in your gut which keeps your gut lining in proper shape healthy gut lining. Will stop harmful substances from leaking into the body outside of stopping harmful particles from spreading. It can also boost the production of natural antibodies this supports your immunity and reduces your chances of disease infections and even the common cold just imagines beating a cold. But eating a steady diet of hot dogs well don’t get your hopes up that’s pretty wishful thinking you still shouldn’t be eating hot dogs every day, when the occasion calls for it try some sauerkraut with it.

4. increased risk of diabetes while a hot dog with sauerkraut definitely has its positives there’s another hot dog topping. That isn’t so promising one that can increase your chances of developing diabetes ketchup now I most of you aren’t sauerkraut lovers. But the vast majority of us either eat ketchup on the regular or have in the past it’s one of the most popular condiments in the world and one that has been a hot dog staple for decades there’s just so much sugar it’s recommended that you eat no more than 50 grams of sugar per day.

One ketchup packet holds close to 2 grams doesn’t seem like too much right well think about this how many ketchup packets will you use on one hot dog I’ve seen people drown their food and ketchup let’s say you use three packets on one dog that’s almost 6 grams right there still doesn’t seem like a lot well what if you eat more than one hot dog in a sitting with the same amount of ketchup on each. That’s over 20 of your daily sugar right their ketchup can be really dangerous for people with type 2 diabetes. If you have health problems you should stay away from heavy hot dog eating in general but if you can’t resist a good dog every once in a while, go easy on the ketchup.

5. repairs tissue wow so not only do hot dogs have the potential to maintain your gut they may also be able to strengthen your tissues. Well guess what there’s a little more to it than that yes hot dogs can repair your tissue. But you need to get the kind with lots of protein a steady protein diet can reduce cravings improve your digestion and help you build muscle among other things the average person requires up to 56 grams a day.

The average hot dog contains over 9 grams of protein if you eat a couple dogs for lunch, I’d say that’s a pretty decent amount protein allows you to build and repair tissues, this is essential for a healthy functioning body tissue is a group of cells and fluid that work together to perform a certain task these could be the cells in your heart or the blood cells. That carry oxygen from one place to another when your body tries to repair itself it seeks out the help of protein to fix the damage. This is really important after you exercise ever wonder why you see bodybuilders drink protein shakes after a hard workout or chow down on a protein heavy meal. It’s all to repair their tissues and help build muscle now don’t get me wrong this doesn’t mean you eat hot dogs every single day.