Don’t Let Your Blogging Career Fall In A Rat Race

What makes blogging so popular? I think the main reason is FLEXIBILITY.


Full-time bloggers enjoy the power of choosing their own lifestyle and getting away from boring 9-5 jobs. You can blog from everywhere and at any time. The flexibility of having a blog (and creating multiple passive incomes from blogging) no matter where and who you are is probably the most attractive factor getting many people to leave their jobs and start a blog online.


We are all living in a busy world. People work and run too fast that they can’t enjoy their lives leading to what called the “rat race “. They are striving every day to keep their position or go further. They are stressed with income, debts, and problems in their lives. A typical framework is:


  • Go to school
  • Get a degree
  • Get a job
  • Get married
  • Buy a house


Many people want to escape that race, some of them choose to blog as a way to free themselves from a boring lifestyle. But one day, they realized that they left a rat race and went to another.


So, what’s a rat race in blogging?

A rat race in blogging means you are spending many hours on the blogosphere doing nothing but pointless actions or endless series of actions.


For example, I used to spend 2 hours reading through many blogs in my Google Reader. In case you don’t know Google Reader, it’s a online RSS reader by Google. When you land at a very useful blog, you can take its RSS feed and add into Google reader. It allows you to read several blogs at the same time without clicking on every single link and waiting for the page to be loaded.


The process is very simple, so I couldn’t prevent myself from adding many feeds to my reader. Many of them are blogs about blogging, but there are also some blogs about photography or personal developments. The total number is around 150 blogs. Yeah, it’s huge, but I am scared of missing some great posts around the blogosphere.


One day, I realized that I was overwhelmed by those new posts. I was struggling to read all of the posts, which is impossible. The number of unread posts kept increasing. I couldn’t manage everything, so instead of 2 hours (like what I have planned), it consumed more than 3 hours going around from post to post.


Of course, I read the countless posts, it gave me a feeling that I’ve learned a lot. In fact, I didn’t.


I couldn’t remember anything from the post. It likes listening from one ear and let the words go through the other. You knew how pointless it is spending the whole days reading many posts and at the end, you didn’t get anything. It’s even more wasting than spending your whole day at the office.


Another example is checking email every 15 minutes. I didn’t know when this habit developed, but I began to check email unconsciously every 15 minutes to get new email whenever they come. Most of the emails aren’t important. They are mainly notifications from Twitter and Facebook, but I couldn’t resist myself from opening the mailbox.


It consumed time and you didn’t get anything from doing these pointless actions. I am a victim too, so I know how it feels when you reach the end of the day knowing that you do nothing but rushing around.


Other symptoms that you are trapped in a rat race:

  1. Check Facebook and Twitter too much.
  2. Think about your blog for the whole day.
  3. Be obsessed with check incomes and emails.
  4. Surf the Internet for a whole day doing nothing.
  5. How to escape your blogging rat race


Blogging gives you the power to choose your working time, but you are the one who chooses how to use that time effectively. For example, rather than consuming time running in a rat race.


First, you MUST have a clear goal of every day. The goal will keep you on the right track, so you won’t turn into other narrow roads. A to-do list is a traditional but still working way to get things done properly.


Second, you should choose a niche that you are passionate about. Why? Because passion will fill your body with energy and enthusiasm. If you do things you love, you’ll do it better.


Third, instead of wasting your time running around the Internet for nothing, you can:


Write your own posts: Content is the King (and will always be). Writing also enhances your skills and let the words flow more fluently. In the beginning, creating a 500 words post is a nightmare for me. Now, after 2 years of blogging, I can write 500 words post without hesitation. Although my words are not as good as other people’s, I gained more lessons from creating this content.

Learn something new: Designing, Conversion Optimizing, Consulting… Don’t think of blogging as a boring way of writing content. You can take everything further. The only limit is your imagination.

Connect with other bloggers: You can’t blog alone, you need supports from other people to grow your blog. Enjoy your life: Go shopping, Take a vacation, Listen to music… Do whatever you want. Blogging gives you the power to choose, why don’t you use it? Again, blogging is great, but don’t let you go into a rat race like what many people have done with their blogging careers.