The Most 50 Greatest Boxers Of All Time

All of the “biggest of them all” lists — whether or not they’re about Disney movies or TV series finales — cause a certain amount of controversy.  The planet would have been quite a dull place if everybody gets the exact notion, proper?  However, a current list of the finest fighters of time from record-keeping boxing internet site BoxRec got a lot of men and women badly wound upward. Even a BoxRec agent explained their point-based strategy, which benefits each boxer’s annual branch performance.
“A boxer may get up to 200 points a yr for beating No. 1 No. 2 at the Branch,” Martin Reichert Advised Bad Left Hook.  “still other criteria additionally rewards the fighter’s annual P4P performance. A boxer can get up to another 200 points per calendar year for beating No. 1 or No. 2 overall divisions.
“What’s more, Reichert said, “top wins each year are avenged by losses against lower-rated competitions at the referenced year, annually earlier and the season after.  Best wins are rewarded substantially higher compared to medium-scale wins.  The things annually are reduced to 1/2 for defeating No. 3, into 1/3 for beating No. 4, 1/4 for defeating No. 5, etc…  Therefore beating No. 11 makes only a 1/10 of defeating No. 1 or No. 2. “It seems like as good a method as any to figure out the greatest fighters of moment. Below are the consequences — what do you believe?

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