Youtube SEO secrets

1. Create an attractive video

Providing attractive and useful content to viewers is one of the most important factors by which to measure your success in the application of SEO YouTube.

In addition, you can create a new, non-traditional idea in order to be distinguished among this large amount of channels competing for you.

The viewer must feel that there is something special about your channel that he will not find on other channels


2. Time to watch the video

So you can appear in the first results of your YouTube search

The watch time on your channel has to be increased, which is the calculation of the total time viewers spend on the channel

In addition, it measures how good your content was, was it helpful or was your bounce rate high

So you have to take care of the content first and foremost and present what your audience cares about

YouTube indicated the need to pay attention to the first 15 seconds of the video, as the viewer judges the video during this period

So present catchy words during this short period in order to force the viewer to stay on your channel and watch the clip, etc.


3. YouTube Analytics

You will not be able to achieve YouTube SEO without monitoring the performance of your audience on the channel

And the extent of their interaction with the content on your channel

Google Analytics saves you the effort of figuring out how your viewers will react while watching a video

And it presents it to you in an instant way and informs you of the most important reports on your channel and the extent of audience interaction with each video

In addition, it gives you a report on how long users have spent on the channel and the number of viewers per segment

These statistics tell you the most important topics that you should be interested in

What topics did the audience not care about so as not to waste your time


4. Promote videos

At first, you might become frustrated that there aren’t enough traffic to improve your visibility in YouTube results

But he did not close anything but he has a key, and the key here is to promote your channel and videos separately through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Moreover, social networks are the best way to get a large number of visits in a legitimate way

And invite all friends to share the video on their own pages


5. Create video playlist

After a while, you will have a good amount of videos

You can then collect them in one place called the video playlist where these lists play the videos

Automatically to viewers, which increases the number of viewers

However, the videos must be related to each other, i.e. have the same content

However, with different titles and additional information in each video


6. Rapidtags website

Rapidtags is one of the easiest, effective and fruitful ways to get the largest number of keywords and hashtags, so this site should be among your priorities in getting keywords for YouTube.

It is a free program, unlike other programs that are paid to help you obtain keywords

In the end, the results of YouTube search are among the necessary things that the owners of visual content must reach quickly. If this is not achieved, what is the benefit of creating a YouTube channel and spending as much time as possible creating videos

So you have to be smart and have a clear strategy to pursue

The competition is intense, but the chances of success are available by all means, you just have to apply it in the right way

And applying each step mentioned above and not neglecting it, then you will be one of the first professionals in YouTube SEO.